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Given the premise that DOMOSA Srl is available to evaluate the repair of any laser machine, if you are reading this here, most likely your equipment has problems and you want another opinion for the repair.

After an evaluation of the problem, we talk to the customer explaining the cause of the problem and the aging state of the equipment. Together with the customer, we will decide how best to proceed with the repair, based on the costs and reliability over time that this operation brings.

Usually you call us because they asked you for unattainable figures or unsustainable waiting times. Sometimes the answer is even “not repairable, but we have the new model”. Some beauty centers desperate from the various inconclusive proposals, have come to the point of making a repair on their own, leading to many difficulties. These cases are to be admired, as they say “WHO DOES ITSELF, DOES FOR THREE”.

But it’s not easy when it’s not your job. For this DOMOSA has decided to publish some guidelines to help those wishing to undertake this solution.


There are two categories of laser construction:

  1. The laser Made in Italy;
  2. The imported laser (generally from China and Korea).

Regardless of what the vendors and certifications say, the crux of the matter remains: spare parts for repairs.
A MADE IN ITALY laser is built with components that can be easily purchased in the European Community, while a laser built in Asia will have local components not marketed in Europe. Anyone who places Asian lasers on the Italian market would have the duty to guarantee adequate repairs. Some importers have spare parts in stock, but at exorbitant prices. While for those who do not have them, only good excuses remain, but not solutions.

Let’s try to understand how to identify the category of the laser. If the made in Italy is doubtful, it is necessary to look for it in Asia. The best trading platform in the Asian world is Alibaba, as we Westerners have Amazon and Ebay.

Take a look:

Compare the shape of the handpiece and the graphics of your laser monitor screens with the countless lasers offered by Alibaba merchants. When you have identified the “manufacturer” of your laser, you can communicate with him, only in English, via the Alibaba messaging service.
Remember that even in China the same laser is sold by several people, changing the appearance, but with the handpiece and display always the same. Generally the most requested spare parts are handpieces, water filters and the power board. Contact one or more sellers to get the price of your spare part.
Payment is always in advance, but it’s worth it because for example a handpiece that costs € 5000/6000 in Italy, in China you can find it for $ 1500/2000.

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