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Possibility of monthly rental available throughout the national territory.

Possibility of daily or weekly rental in the provinces of:

  • Emilia Romagna: Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena.
  • Lombardia: Brescia, Bergamo and Milano.
  • Veneto: Verona, Vicenza and Padova,


If during the monthly rental you prefer to switch to a purchase, the costs incurred will be discounted from the sale price.

All rentals, even the long-term monthly ones, are without obligation to purchase, without contract restrictions.

We believe that the best bond with the customer is the guarantee of product and service quality.


why buy a DEFENDER?

Preventing Covid19 pandemic contagion can be a permanent or temporary need.
The first case is usually a need of the business with offices or small premises, which choose the purchase of
the device.
The second case is more chosen for occasional domestic use.
For example, protect family members for the period of the quarantine of one of them.
For example, protect yourself from visitors outside the family on limited occasions.
sales and rental defender


Where to buy Defender

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beauty equipment

Having the laser device always available in the institute is essential to achieve an excellent hair removal result.

The hairs subjected to laser treatment modify the regrowth time which generally slows down.

Regrowth times can range from 3 to 6 weeks. Extreme cases are incompatible with 4 week rental times.

The monthly daily or weekly rental is a purely commercial requirement of the renters. If the hair has not grown back sufficiently after 4 weeks, even the treatment carried out in that period will be useless.

On the contrary, if after 3 weeks a hair is already ready for treatment, the laser device must be ready for use.

It is equally important to satisfy the availability needs of customers. The device must always be available to the customer to satisfy him at any time.

Domosa, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, can offer the possibility of free trials to personally test the technical characteristics.

In case of purchase of a new Epilmax we evaluate your used one, applying the scrapping discount.

Direct purchase

why it is convenient

Purchasing directly from the factory reduces brokerage costs and allows extremely competitive prices with an unparalleled quality/price ratio.

Grenke Locazione Srl is the partner with whom Domosa works to obtain customized operational financing and rental for its customers, even the most demanding.


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