The laser hair removal you are looking for


The fastest, most efficient 808 diode laser
which also eliminates red and blond hair

Laser Epilmax


Diode laser 808

Epilmax achieves results of quality and speed that not all other lasers achieve.

The definitive laser hair removal must eliminate the treated hair forever, without the need for maintenance. Only white hairs cannot be removed with photo-epilation technology, including laser. If the customer’s expectations are disappointed, he will turn to another beauty center, not just for the laser. Obvious results in very few sessions are essential in order not to lose the customer. Remember that laser hair removal service is now available everywhere, even where it shouldn’t.

The practical aspect must also be well considered.

A Made in Italy laser

The Epilmax laser is comfortable for both the customer and the operator, it does not burn or burn, but it is comfortable, intuitive and light for those who use it. A “MADE IN ITALY” laser is conceived and designed to eliminate the hair of customers that you will find in your home, in Italy.
For example, a “Chinese laser” was created to fulfill the needs of the type of hair and skin of the oriental people, so it will hardly eliminate light hair and easily burn dark skins.

An imported laser becomes “Made in Italy” thanks to bureaucracy. But do you think that a stamped and signed sheet of paper can change the technology and quality of that laser?

Epilmax is the perfect laser with everything you need to make no mistake; if you start off on the wrong foot, then it will be tiring and burdensome to get back on the right path.

Thanks to the very high frequency of 33 Hz combined with an optical power of 600 W, Epilmax reaches energy levels suitable for even the most stubborn hair. This allows excellent results in shorter times than previous technologies, with less pain and less risk of burns.

This technique transfers energy in a fractional way, to give the skin a cooling time between one micro shot and the next.
In this way, more energy can be used without overheating the skin, to obtain a better result in a very short time.

Why choose


Comfortable and painless for the client; comfortable, intuitive and light for those who use it

Lightweight and practical accessories

Suitable for all genres

Visible results in a short time

Cooling system


The effectiveness of Epilmax laser

Test the fastest, most efficient 808 diode laser that also eliminates red and blonde hair


Laser handpiece

The Epilmax laser handpiece is very light, thanks to the internal mechanics completely in aluminum and very comfortable thanks to its ergonomic handle designed for prolonged use.

The tip, the element in contact with the skin, is cooled with a sapphire window, which has the task ofisolating the internal crystal that guides the laser light from the diodes. During the emission of light, the crystal is very hot and without the sapphire window part of this heat would be discharged onto the skin, with the consequent risk of burns.

The standard equipment is completed by the LED light that signals the active laser condition and the anti-accidental fall wrist bracelet.

Laser handpiece


Cooler handpiece

Indispensable tool for the total removal of the most stubborn, blond and red hair.

It allows a truly painless treatment, without sunburn.
Optimize the treatment time, in order to reduce the total sessions.