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Domosa - produzione e vendita macchinari per l'estetica
Domosa - Macchinari per l'estetica

Who we are

A new quality standard for the production of aesthetic machinery

Domosa is a manufacturing company that is based in Parma. It sells and rents directly to the end customer, without distributors and intermediaries. 

Thanks to this, direct contact is possible with the machinery operators, who advise Domosa on any improvements to be made to the equipment. On the other hand,
beauticians have at their disposal the best technical notions provided directly by those who design the equipment.


The beauty sector is flooded with imported machinery of questionable quality and

Domosa equipment can make a difference.

Those who use them can understand that with them it is also possible to do what
was previously considered impossible.

With us, for you

We study and develop our
product based on the
needs of beauty salons
and their customers.

Made in Italy

Domosa is located in Parma,
where all its equipment is
designed and create

Fast assistance

Being an Italian company,
Domosa srl is fast and
efficient in managing
technical assistance.

Commercial proposals

The sale and the rental
can be merged together to
give very customized
solutions in order to
satisfy even the most
difficult situations.

The Rent

Domosa, with the support of
partners such as Grenke
Locazione Srl, also supports
customized proposals for
operational rental with

Market analysis

Our team constantly
evaluates the needs of
beauty centers, in order to
offer them an excellent
quality/price ratio.


What can we do for you

domosa servizi

Anti COVID tools

Biological sanitation of the air

The Defender sanitizing tool reduces the viral load present in the air by up to 99.9%

Designed specifically to combat Covid19, it is an important weapon for reducing infections and also effective against other influenza viruses.

The technology is based on high power UV-C frequency ultraviolet light. Being an emission-free technology, it is kept running indoors to purify the air in the presence
of people.

Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced systems for quality wellness

Beyond quality, another strength of Domosa is the after-sales technical assistance. Having all the components in stock, repairs can be immediate.

Training courses, post-sales requests, rentals are managed directly by qualified Domosa personnel, not by intermediaries.

Having designed the equipment we sell, we are able to dispel any doubts regarding treatment and use techniques.

Our customers'


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